Using natural HGH supplements in sports: features & real effectiveness!

Natural HGH supplements become popular among sportsmen who don’t want to take HGH drugs. In this article, we’ll tell you about two of these supps.

Types of the supplements – Symbiotropin and MK Ultra

Symbiotropin is a combination of clinically proven ingredients, such as amino acids and plant extracts, whose beneficial properties have a positive effect on the health and rejuvenation of the body by raising the levels of the natural HGH. It is produced in in the form of pleasantly tasting effervescent tablets that dissolve in liquids. There are no ineffective components in it.

BlackStone Labs MK Ultra is a unique drug on the sports nutrition market with a powerful stimulating effect of the directed action on the production of growth hormones. In addition, its effect is similar to O on the ghrelin function. Ghrelin is a hormone that helps to reduce weight with the help of fat burning, strengthens the endurance of the central nervous system, will give concentration during training. The composition of MK Ultra includes a unique growth hormone stimulant called Ibutamoren. This is not a natural substance, but producers say that it provides natural stimulation of HGH.

Using the supplements

1. Symbiotropin. Put 1 or 2 tablets of Symbiotropin in a glass of water. Wait until the tablets are completely dissolved. You can break or crush tablets in order to speed up their dissolution. Stir and quickly drink. It is best to take Symbiotropin before bedtime 2-3 hours after the last meal.
2. BlackStone Labs MK Ultra. Take 1 capsule of MK Ultra HGH pills up to two times a day, best during meals.
Follow the instructions on the package and do not exceed the daily dosage.

Effects of the supplements

According to manufacturers of the supplements, their HGH pills provide the following effects:
1. Muscle mass growth, reduction of body fat, thickening of the skin, reducing wrinkles.
2. Hair restoration and hair color restoration.
3. Growth of energy, improving sexual function, improving lipid & cholesterol profile.
4. Restoring the size of the liver, pancreas, heart and other organs that contract with age.
5. Improvement of vision and memory.
6. Improvement of sleep, normalization of blood pressure.
7. Increased stamina and cardiac function.
8. Improvement of wound healing.

In addition, manufacturers claim that Symbiotropin and MK Ultra can become a base for prolonging and improving the quality of your life. Natural hormone-stimulating supplements, can be our best hope for an increase in the level of growth hormone naturally, because they stimulate the endocrine system without chemical ingredients.

Are natural hormone-stimulating supplements effective?

Plant components can affect the hormonal background, however, this effect is not very strong. Moreover, the supplements can be even dangerous for your health. Sometimes, unfair producers add chemical ingredients to the composition of the supps.

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